Personal Data Processing notification

Archicraft SRLis a company registered in Romania aimed at architectural activities.

Personal Data We process: 

Archicraft SRLis a Personal Data controller. We collect the following types of personal data from our website users.:  

  • Name/ surname 
  • Email 
  • Messages to us 
  • Online behavior (pages and actions made by users on the site: 


Why do we need this data? 

We need your data . To provide you with the following services:  

Reply to your messages under the legal basis of Their arrangements at the request of the data subject before the conclusion of a possible contract: 

  • Name and surname – to be able to contact you 
  • Email – To send you the answer to your message 
  • Message to us – to give you the answer 


With your consent, we would also like to process the following personal data: 

Online behavior 

  • Browsing History We share this information with our partners so we can deliver personalized ads to you . More information is found in our cookies page at

What do we do with them?

Your Personal data is processed in the company Archicraft SRLis in Romania. Hosting andstoring your data takes place in Romania.  

Your personal data for browsing history is transmitted to our partners described in our cookies policy. Please see the description of these partners on this page. 

How long do we keep personal data 

For messages We Will retain your personal data for a period of six months after we have answered you. 

For browsing history Your personal data is retained only for the lifetime of the cookie. The lifetime of each cookie is found at

What are your rights? 

Ifyou havereason to believe that any personal datathat you haveabout yourselfare incorecte or Incomplete, you havetheright to request to seeThese information, to correct them or askto be deleted, request restriction of processing, or oppose processing, and you also have the right to data portability . For the exercise of these rights vplease contactUSat

If you wantto   file a complaint about how we processed your personal data, contactyourprotection officer your data to the following email address Thedata Protection Officer will contact youto solve the problem raised.    

You can alsoContact The National Supervisory Authorityof theprocessing of personal data at www.dataprotection.roandyou can I file a complaint with them.